“CRAYONS” – Art Director and Set Decorator

A short film that explores the life of an African-American boy as he learns to use art to cope with the pressures of modern institutions. Lots of colors are desired to reflect youthful creativity and vibrancy. Currently working on this project, no pictures of the set just yet!

“MALIGNA” – Set Decorator

A short horror film about a young woman experiencing illness and grief. Set decorating included her room and bathroom which sought an 80s design. This included period-accurate decor and furniture I thrifted. Another female character’s room possessed more 60s sensibilities and included more fabric draping and darker decor.

“MICHELLE” – Set Decorator

A short thriller film about a young woman seeking to uncover the mystery of another young woman’s disappearance. The first, more blue-toned bedroom displays the intellectual and serious nature of the girl, the second a more vibrant and pink-toned style.

“1-800” Set Dec Runner

An eclectic short film that covered a mix of ’60s and Y2K styles. Currently awaiting set pictures.


A feature film about a young lesbian, Twinkie, who embarks on a road trip with her best friend, Egghead. This is a piece handmade alongside friends for Egghead’s room meant to look as though he himself made it for a school project when he was younger.