More than just Jaws

A film club recently started up again at my school so of course, I joined. While there, we discussed movies (of course) with the film teacher at my school. About a handful of her students were present at the meeting and they mentioned something they had discussed in class once; the opening scene to Jaws and how disgusting it is. Now, I’ve never seen Jaws (I know, terrible.. I plan to watch it asap,) so I was completely clueless as to what they were talking about. What was wrong with the opening scene? The teacher decided to play the movie and show me for herself, without letting on any hints. All she told me was to be observant and analytical. I had no idea what I was in store for.

OK, below I have given you a link to the entire opening scene that I watched. Before I tell you why it is disgusting, I’d like you to watch it for yourself, WITH SUBTITLES (very important,) and think about about you’re watching and if you can guess why it is disgusting.

Well? What’d you think? Intense huh? I don’t think my heart has ever beaten that fast while watching a movie. SO, let’s get to diggin’.

In the video, it shows a young girl, Chrissie, dive into the ocean as a young boy follows her. She is way ahead of him, enjoying the water, as he lags behind, undressing himself. All is quiet.. until she feels a tug at her leg. As the tugging soon becomes violent yanks, she begins viciously screaming  and sobbing for help. To her dismay, the boy is laying on the sand, completely calm despite her obvious struggles. It truly is a horrific site; the girl is dying. But, the symbolism that is evident is much more horrifying.

This scene symbolizes rape.

Think about it.

A woman, in pain; screaming and crying.

A man, clearly gaining pleasure while all this is going on.

The sexual undertone becomes clearer as the we hear the boy say:

“I’m coming. I’m coming” as the girl shrieks for his assistance.

At the end, we see a phallic symbol. After Chrissie is pulled underwater and seen for the last time, a shot of the boy laying on the sand is shown. His right leg is raised; representing an erection. He is still in a completely serene and enjoyable state, paying no mind to the suffering that was endured.

The truth is, sometimes it is difficult to see the truth.

Sometimes, more than just a shark can be hiding underneath.. but it may be just as terrifying.

{I do not own these pictures}

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